Who knows the Flo and the Jan Erik who knows that the both can blether infinitely long. This started already at school if they had end after the fourth hour and even though have never come before the end of the sixth hour home. (partially even the beginning of the seventh hour had to believe in it...)
In this case it was not the school which both may not see after 13 years any more, this time it was a quite usual evening with the Flo at home before the PC which did not want to end. A date which YOU should notice to YOU in any case: WEDNESDAY, 14.07.2004!!!
When it was 01:15 o'clock and the Jan Erik thought slowly sometimes of going home, it resumed in the door: blethering. There was only one problem. How it has the night thus in itself, it is quite dark nunmal.
In possibly in such a way, as
HERE. Indeed, for entertainments one needs, actually, no light, but, nevertheless, with is better... And because of the Flo in the front door an outside lighting with movement dispatch rider has which went out repeatedly, somebody always had to stretch the hand, so that she began again.
So we became active by the late hour once again sportily. We refined our technology, precision and Synchronitšt on and on, tried out always new Anschalttechniken, until we noticed that of this one very demanding sport is. In the same evening still came to us the thought that Synchronlamping could become a new trend sport. Hence, we decided to announce Synchronlamping further. And as you yourself notice, it seems to function!