With the Synchronlamping it depends on the fact that one switches on a gone out light as quickly as possible and elegantly by movement dispatch riders again. On this occasion, it depends especially on the Synchronität and also on the quickness of at least two Synchronlamper.

Now, however, the precise set of rules (version from the 23/07/2004):

§1 Purpose of the play
The purpose of the play is to receive a very high assessment from A and B mark. Besides, the A mark is weighted to 60%, the B mark to 40%. Who has received the highest assessment, wins.

§2 Participant
The age of the participants is not fixed.
It is played in teams by 2 (Duo-Synchronlamping) or 4 persons (team-Synchronlamping).

§3 Play device
Is played with a customary lamp which disposes of a movement dispatch rider with a reach of approx. 2 m. The lamp should was nocturnal meet and.

§4 The play site
The lamp with the Synchronlamping should be an empty lamp. Round this lamp a playing area is laid out with a 10-m radius with mats, so that one has enough place also with the most difficult figures and the injury danger is minimised.

§5 The jury
The of course neutral jury exists of three persons. To be a member of the jury, one must have finished a Synchronlamping jury education successfully. However, in international competitions one must have enjoyed the A education, with national removals the B education is enough. One receives both only in the national German Synchronlampingzentrum Halstenbek or the respective national federations.

§6 The attempt
An attempt is released by the jury if the lamp is in. As soon as the light goes out, one must activate by Synchronlamping the lamp again. It stays empty to the duet / team, how long it holds the lamp in the burning before the beginning of the attempt, provided that the prescribed time of 2 minutes is not crossed for an attempt. If a duet / team has concluded his preparations, it may not move up to going out the lamp any more. If the lamp switches off itself, the electronic time counting to the lamp begins again by Synchronlamping was activated.

§7 Expiry of the competition
A Synchronlamping competition exists of the preround and the main round.
§7.1. The Qualifying round
In the qualifying round all duets / teams line up mutually. Every duet / team has to collect 3 attempts around possibly many points. The start order is decided before the competition by the jury by lot.
§7.2. The main round
In the main round the best five duets / teams of the qualifying round line up mutually. Should duets / teams be level after the qualifying round, they start everything in the main round. Every duet / team has to reach 3 attempts around a very high score once more. Besides, points from the qualifying round are not coevaluated.

§8 Assessment
The assessment occurs from the jury. It is divided into an A-and a B mark.
§8.1. The A mark
The A mark sits down together from the Synchronität and the quickness of the shown Lamping attempt. The faster and more synchronically the attempt is explained, the score on the assessment scale of from 1 to 10 is the higher.
§8.2. The B mark
Here it depends on the genuineness of the shown attempt. The more unusual the Lampingfigur it is, the assessment of the B mark on the scale of 1 to 10 is the higher (Example: A stepped in, synchronous low header (Flachköpper) brings more points than one easy synchronous armhighlifting (Armhochheben)).
§8.3. Point level
Should two or several duets / teams at the end of a round have immediately many points, the Whole A mark of all passageways of this round decides first. If is then still level, the duets / teams are put on the same place.

§9 Unsuccessful attempts
An attempt is evaluated as an unsuccessful attempt if the lamp does not go with the first attempt in.
An attempt is likewise evaluated as an unsuccessful attempt if the duration of the attempt amounts longer than 2 minutes.

§10 Fouls
§10.1. Destruction of the play device
Should a duet / team with a Synchronlamping attempt destroy the play device whether on purpose or not, the attempt is evaluated as invalid. The referee decides on the destruction intention.
Only with a deliberate destruction of the play device the participant duet / team from the competition is taken.
§10.2. Intervention at the moment not of play-entitled duets / teams
Only the duet / team which carries out just sinen Lamping attempt is always play-entitled. All the other duets / teams are in sufficient distance to the play-entitled duet / team. This is at least the area laid out with mats plus a safe distance of 3 metres. If this distance is so injured that the effectiveness of the play device is impaired, the fouling duet / team receives a point deduction from 5 points. The play-entitled duet / team receives a new attempt.
Also the attempt to bring the play-entitled duet / team by acclamations and other diversions from the concentration is punished with a point deduction by 5 points. Also here the play-entitled duet / team receives a new attempt.

§11 Changes
The German Synchronlamping centre reserves itself changes of the set of rules. At the moment the version is valid from the 23.07.2004.